A World of Hurt, an Intuitive Calling

Why is it so? Why do we live in a world of pain, of suffering, of hurt? Why would Consciousness, Love, or God’s infinite Being allow atrocities to occur? Indeed, this question has plagued theologists since, well, forever. And before I take a crack at answering this question myself, here’s a warning: Some of you will take exception to my answer. Still, with that said, here goes.

Consciousness manifests the world. Consciousness is the world. So, of course, Consciousness knows, or is conscious of, manifestation. What Consciousness also knows, then, is that there’s a price to pay for manifestation (atrocities). However, what Consciousness doesn’t know are the specific atrocities that leave many of us, including me sometimes, to doubt its very presence.

In other words, to manifest the world—and the objects, creatures, and human beings that make up the world—Consciousness must overlook its own omnipotent nature. It must veil its infiniteness. The price paid for this veiling is that human beings, for the most part, fail to recognize that what they’re made of is Consciousness itself. They forget that who they truly are is unlimited, eternal, and completely whole. They believe in their own separate existence. Thus, in a quest to fix what doesn’t need fixing—in a quest to cope with this sense of isolation, limitation, insecurity, or lack and return home to a true nature that has never left them—human beings, in a myriad of ways, lash out and damage objects, creatures, other human beings, and the world in which they live.

Every once in a while, however, a group of these human beings (Jesus, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Ramana Maharshi, Rumi, and Sydney Banks are examples that come to mind) notices something different. They see that what the world is, what we are, is none other than infinite Consciousness living within infinite Consciousness. They catch a bona fide and continuous glimpse into the nonseparate nature of all apparent things, including us. Now, don’t get me wrong, who we truly are echoes in the recesses of everyone’s mind. But, absent of rhyme, reason, or personal credit, this group profoundly identifies with this echo. They understand it, covet it, and are called to share with other human beings precisely what it means. In short, this group is inspired to remind the world that there’s no actual thing as division, distinction, or diversity. That we are one.

I suppose my message today is simply this: If you’ve made it this far through this piece, if you’ve experienced a clear and present inkling into our true nature, it may very well be your calling, too—your intuitive duty, as I see it—to point others to the fact that they are not separate. That all objects and things are activities, agencies, or images of one infinite and eternal whole. Sure, manifestation can be glorious. Yet, as mentioned, it also compels misdeed and peril. Right now, the human race is fighting, resisting, scratching, and clawing its way toward ruin. It is blind, innocently ignorant, to the Consciousness, Love, and God’s infinite Being from which it springs and is made.

So, then, perhaps it is up to you and me. Our role is to steadfastly remind this world of hurt that we’re already safe, always secure, and forever at peace. We are enduringly home.

It is my honor and blessing to share this calling, this teaching, and our true nature with you.

Inward, up, and forever one, Garret