A Power You Don't Possess

Here’s a super-quick post to help clear up some confusion. It seems to me, at this stage of the game, that most of you who read my weekly articles understand that you don’t possess the power to control what thoughts pop into your head.

That’s wonderful.

However, many of you feel that you (or some controlling force inside of you) DO possess the power to act, or not act, on thoughts once they occur. As a reader told me last week, “I’m not responsible for my thoughts, but I am responsible for whether or not I follow my thoughts.”

Well, with all due respect, this common claim is questionable. Why? Because a thought occurs to you, out of your control, and then the choice of what to do with that thought—which is nothing more than another thought—also occurs to you, out of your control.

To illustrate:

“I want to tell that dude off” = a thought

“No, I’m not going to tell that dude off” = another thought

It’s simple. All choices present themselves in the form of a thought. It can’t work any other way. And, as we agreed above, you’re not personally responsible for, and don’t possess the power to control, any thought that occurs to you.

Such liberation.