A Matter of Harmony

As you may know, the umbrella term we use for the so-called “physical substance” that is separate from mind is matter. Matter, supposedly, is what all things are made of. In fact, the belief that “I’m made of matter, and other people, objects, and animals are also made of matter,” is what’s used to explain the apparent separation between me and everything else that is “not me.”

But here’s the problem with this belief about separation (and matter): Although scientists keep trying, they’ve yet to find this physical substance called matter. Really. Go ahead and search “Does matter exist?” You’ll be amazed at what comes up.

So, then, rather than keep searching for it, perhaps (and as strange as this might sound) it's time for scientists and the rest of us to admit that matter doesn’t exist.

Perhaps, instead, we should consider viewing experience from this perspective: All things are an image of Consciousness occurring within Consciousness. Perhaps when this is realized, “not me” will permanently be replaced with “we are one.”

To illustrate, here’s a metaphor I learned from a wise teacher of the Consciousness-only model, Francis Lucille: Imagine you’re on a FaceTime call on your phone or computer with two of your friends. What you experience on the screen is three separate boxes with three separate faces. You see what is “me” and what is “not me.” You see lines of distinction. But take a closer look; even tap on the screen if you will. What are the boxes, faces, and lines of distinction actually made of?

The answer: The screen. All things are made of the screen. Or, to be more precise, all things are the screen. And the screen, of course, is a metaphor for the nature of all things: infinite Consciousness itself. Sadly, in favor of accepting separation as real or true, we’ve completely overlooked that, like a FaceTime call on your phone or computer, the separate characters you see exist in appearance only. Try again to find them. Like matter, they’re not actually there.

Brilliant scientists (physicists and neurologists, included) have researched, analyzed, and experimented. They’ve tried to substantiate the apparent separation between “me” and everything else. They’ve tried to clarify the distinction between a perceiving subject and perceived object. They’ve tried to prove duality. They’ve tried to find separate things made of matter.

All to no avail.

That’s why—among your family, community, organization, country, and world—it’s only through the mutual recognition that separation merely exists in appearance, that every “thing" is an image of Consciousness appearing within Consciousness, that peace, love, and harmony will be found.

Perhaps we are one, after all.