A Master of Deceit

It’s essential to know that a so-called separate self or ego (a human being who deems himself or herself to be an actual separate entity and not an activity of Consciousness), will do anything to maintain its own “existence.” This includes one in a position of authority or expertise. It will claim, for example, that the separate self is:

Resilient Wise Loving

It will suggest that it owns the power to:

Think Feel Perceive

It will insist that a relationship with other separate selves, or separate objects or methods, are necessary for:

Well-being Clarity Growth

It will validate separateness through concepts such as:

Separate realities Levels of Consciousness States of mind

It will promote the following delusions as positive:

Diversity Agreeing to disagree Borders

It will tout self-defense strategies, coping methods, or distractions along the lines of:

Positive thinking Narrowing focus or visualization Everything happens for a reason

It will trick you into these types of behaviors/attitudes as a personal path to peace:

Gratitude Forgiveness Acceptance

It will aggrandize itself by taking advantage of the culturally conditioned concepts of:

Fear Desire Lack

It will insist that the objective world is a place to look for:

Passion Beauty Love

It will twist spiritual words and mantras like those listed below to daze, confuse, and maintain the illusion of separateness:

Good deeds bring blessings Listen to your soul Pray to a God

Lastly, as I said earlier, to stay relevant or necessary, the separate self or ego will do anything it can to reaffirm the belief that who you truly are is an isolated individual. It will promote:

Self-belief Confidence Personal responsibility

So, then, rather than follow the beliefs of one who deems himself or herself separate, I encourage you to go with your experience. And only your experience.

Has a separate self, separate object, separate world, separate universe, or separate God ever been found?

What do you say?

Can you can find any of those without, or outside of, YOU?

So, is separation even a thing?

From the perspective of “no separation,” is it possible to resist, seek, cope, and thus suffer?

From the perspective of “no separation,” would we not live in Peace?

From the perspective of "no separation,” is there anything to fix? Anyone to hurt?

Experience transcends belief.

Look to experience, not the beliefs—the deceit—of the separate self or ego.

Answers found there.