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Why Understanding the Phenomenon of “Separate Realities” is a Necessity

I’m sure you’re familiar with this common mantra: “Every human being lives in his or her own separate reality.” Perhaps you even appreciate the value in knowing that no two people can share the same perspective on an event, circumstance, environment, or the world. But have you considered what’s at the crux of the phenomenon of separate realities? What causes human beings to live in separate realities? Or why understanding this phenomenon is so important?

I’ll do my best.

Separate realities exist because the experience of human beings is 100 percent an inside job. What we see, smell, taste, hear, even our touch is a byproduct of an uncontrollable state of consciousness from moment to moment. When, for example, my head is momentarily jammed in personal thought, my senses will construct a negative, unsightly, or rocky reality. But when personal thought falls away, my senses will construct positivity, compassion, and wonder. Same, of course, goes for you.

In other words, “separate realities” doesn’t actually mean that you and I see the same reality in a different manner. It means that, right now, you and I are forming and then experiencing different realities altogether. Take the current controversy over the flag and national anthem in the United States. One person describes the football players’ actions one way; another person, a different way. Are they both observing the same actions? Not exactly. They’re both observing a construct of their own thinking and subsequent state of consciousness. Alternate realities, optics, or universes entirely.

This is why it’s futile to try to convince others of your personal point of view. Even the most logical of evidence (to you) cannot be experienced by another person. Again, human beings can only experience what their thinking allows them to experience right then and there. You say football players’ who kneel are disrespectful; I say they’re not. No one is wrong. We’re each describing what our current state of consciousness projects—what looks real, and justified, to us in the moment.

Remember: Realities are not transferable. When we try to force our reality on others, hostility and division follow. Yet when we look within, to the fact that each of us creates our own reality via thought, hostility and division lose their grip. Do you truly want tolerance, progress, and love for the human race (or for your family, team, organization, or community)? Only with a firm understanding of the phenomenon of separate realities will they effortlessly emerge.

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