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The Strangest, and Most Wonderful, Feeling in the World

Here’s a quick review of a conversation I had last week with a player I’ve been working with for about two years. It reveals the power of waking up to the fact that the human experience is, by nature, one of yin and yang; light and dark; positive and negative; spiritual and physical. A moment-to-moment thrill ride. Some call the realization you’ll read about below acceptance, detachment, or surrender. I prefer freedom or Truth. Feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you would call it.

Player (via text): G, do you have two minutes to speak? I’ve got to tell you something ASAP.

Me (via text): Yep, call me now.

Player: Thanks, here’s what I wanted to talk about: It’s crazy, about an hour ago, I felt a wave of insecurity and worry build up inside of me. I mean I really felt like crap, like my life was caving in. But for some reason it then occurred to me that I was perfectly okay feeling that way. What I’m trying to say is that I actually felt horrible and wonderful at the exact same time. Almost as if I was watching or looking down on myself as I struggled. So liberating, but the strangest feeling in the world. Is that normal? I’m not sure if I’m even making sense.

Me: Perfect sense, buddy. In fact, I think it’s on the plus side of normal, and this might be the coolest thing a client has ever told me.

Player: Nice. Thanks. I’m on cloud nine. This means so much.

Me: Love you.

Player: Love you, too. Talk soon!

Without a doubt, finding a new perspective on the human experience—not trying to fight, control, or fix it—is an inspiring effect of grasping what the human experience truly is. It’s all energy. And whether coming or going, all feelings are normal. This player, I’m happy to say, is seeing it clearer and clearer every day. Knowing that he, like you, is okay no matter what is life’s ultimate blessing.