The Irrelevance of Mindset | Garret Kramer | A New Paradigm in Sports Psychology and Performance Coaching


The Irrelevance of Mindset

Here, to me, is one of the most confounding misconceptions springing from the worlds of self-help and psychology: The advice that people should wait for their heads to clear, or do something to try to make their heads clear, before they take action. Indeed, this misconception seems to paralyze more and more folks each day. Truth is: There is no actual connection between one’s potential to excel, compete, or serve, and his or her current state of mind.

If that surprises you, welcome to the club. I’ve never worked with an athlete or coach, from the high-school level to the finest on the planet, who hasn’t fallen for this fallacy. Until, that is, they recall moments of brilliance (such as hitting a golf shot close to the flag) that occurred at times of mental clutter. Then, almost like clockwork, relief sets in. A bit of dismay, too. As they wonder why they’ve been chasing an insignificant target or level—a high state of mind—for years.

Do you know the mental-performance saying, “Mindset is everything?” Well, it’s born from the misconception mentioned above; it’s such the wrong direction. Why? Because mindset is, and always will be, the ultimate variable. If anything, understanding the source of mindset is everything. What human beings feel is connected to the yin and yang of spiritual energy. And, whether cluttered or clear, spiritual energy can never be negative, abnormal, or problematic.

One more thing regarding the surprising irrelevance of mindset: Sometimes, when I indicate that it’s impossible for one’s feeling state to inhibit potential or talent, people get the idea that I’m prodding them to jump right up and take action. Not at all. In fact, I’m not saying you should take action; I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’m saying the question is unimportant and, because it points outward, it’s also unhelpful.

These two questions, on the other hand, are important and helpful. They points inward to source, so they reveal a ton of implications and possibilities, too:

1. Do passion and love rest within your heart, within your soul, no matter what mindset you find yourself in?

2. When your vision is momentarily blurred, does your innate mental health remain an untouchable constant?

The answers are a resounding YES and YES. You are connected, whole, and capable—100 percent of the time.