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The Heart of Choice

Note: Consider the direction this article points and, whether you agree or not, see what implications occur to you. As always, feel free to reach out with comments, insights, or questions. G

Simply peruse your favorite social-media sites and you’re likely to come across some version of the following statement:

Happiness, confidence, and a positive mindset are a choice!

In fact, in the area of self-development, the theory that human beings can choose their moods, or even their ice cream flavors, runs rampant. Trouble is: It’s simply not true. Sure, it often seems like you own the personal power of choice. But, in my mind, you’ve never made a deliberate decision in your life. Rather, there’s a universal intelligence at work behind the scenes, guiding and orchestrating—everything.

Here’s an illustration, using ice cream again, of this spiritual principle: If asked to make the choice between vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, I go for vanilla. Why? I honestly don’t know. I didn’t wake up one day and deliberately decide to prefer vanilla. I just do. So, while it seems as if I’m making a choice, the choice of vanilla ice cream has actually been made for me.

Same goes for mindsets. The reason you can’t choose a good mood all of the time is: You’re never able to choose a good mood. It just looks like you can—when the spiritual energy that chooses (controls and guides) your mood becomes unstuck and starts to flow, that is.

One more thing about the illusion of deliberate choice: Because trying to make choices (as with any illusion or mistruth) is clutter provoking and psychologically taxing, not trying to will remove an enormous burden from your shoulders. It will fortify intuition, ease, enthusiasm, and love. However, if you’re still convinced that decisions are up to you; if you’re still convinced that revelations are indeed manmade; if you’re still convinced that free will means your personal will—no worries. At the right place and time, you’re destined to stop blowing the sails and let the wind do its thing.

After all, am I choosing to move my hands on the keyboard now as I type? Am I choosing the words from my mind to the screen? Are you deliberately choosing to read them? I suppose it might look that way from the outside, but when you get right down to the heart of choice, the answer has to be no.