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Retweets, Likes, Followers—and Sharing the Inside-Out Truth

If, like me, you’re committed to sharing the inside-out Truth with a doubting world, here’s a post that will hopefully spark some perspective—and maybe a bit of fortitude as well.

Back when I wrote Stillpower, my second publisher (Simon and Schuster) hired a PR team responsible for my social media following. As a result, the retweets, likes, and number of followers skyrocketed. Over the years since, however, the opposite has occurred. But not to worry, I’ve come to realize that this is actually a very, very good sign.

You see, as my work deepens—becomes more aligned with the Truth that the world’s greatest teachers have pointed to forever, and less aligned with behavioral strategies, how-to coping techniques, motivational mantras, or my own opinions—those looking for circumstantial excuses for their moods, blueprints to success, or tips on finding well-being are abruptly tuning me out. Yet, on the other hand, my clients, students, and family are thriving like never before.

Plus, as the masses keep falling away, my work is now attracting the type of followers (people) who are not only capable of sharing the inside-out message themselves, but of helping me improve on the manner in which I share it. We’re talking about preachers, clerics, rabbis, believers, coaches, broadcasters, business leaders, athletes, and mental-health professionals. Including some who say, “At first, I wanted to strangle you, Garret, but I’m now beginning to see . . .” And the result? The dissemination of the inside-out paradigm continues to benefit dramatically.

The message here is simple: Even in today’s internet age, numbers tend to produce diminishing returns. It’s consciousness, not quantity, that holds the key to spreading Truth (or the indelible fact that one’s feeling state cannot be caused or cured by anything from the world of form). The most significant figure in the history of this teaching, for example, had only twelve followers (sort of); while the masses took his inside-out offerings and example personally, revolted, and you know the rest.

So, what about you? If in your shares, social media posts, books, or teachings you refuse to pander and truly rebuff the outside-in lie, the uninformed will attack. They’ll sarcastically ridicule and reject every word you say. They’ll malign you personally and come after your good name. Are you ready? Can you stand resolute and weather the storm?

If you know where your feelings are coming from, the answer is yes.

Thanks for reading,