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Pointing Toward Truth

No doubt in my mind, reminding others that we work from inside to out—that our feelings are connected solely to the ebb and flow of spiritual energy, and our feeling state in the moment determines our perception and experience of life—is essential. It’s also a blessing, privilege, and, as I see it, the most important thing that one person can share with another. But here’s my question for you today: Is the Truth that we work from inside to out actually any more than that? I mean, should one person point another person in the direction of the Inside-Out paradigm, or toward Truth, for a specific reason, purpose, or circumstantial solution? I say the answer is no.

Now, I’m well aware that this perspective will come as a surprise to some. Quite a few on this email list have hired me to help secure more wins on the scoreboard, more dollars in your organization’s pocket, or more compatible relationships within your team. But take a closer look. Although we’ve faired pretty well (according to the judgments of most), have you and I ever strategized around that line of thinking? Have we set targets, expectations, or goals? The answer, again, is no. Rather, we’ve shared our best version of Truth and let the chips fall where they may. Anything else would have been a complete shot in the dark.

Same questions go to some of my colleagues who are nobly trying to utilize the IO paradigm to awaken the world, or to stamp out the symptoms of unconsciousness such as poverty, discrimination, abuse, and war. Can it be done? You tell me. Sure, the temptation to start outside and work inside (as mankind has tried forever) is alluring—it’s also fundamentally sinister as it will tempt or gnaw at even the best of us. However, it is and will always be the opposite of how human beings work. The opposite of Truth.

Remember: Truth is universal. The implications of Truth are personal. So, while it’s impossible to predict the circumstantial or personal results of pointing someone toward Truth, we do know this: In time, Truth answers all calls. That’s why we must strictly start inward—with how the experience of all human beings is created—and let resilience, excellence, oneness, and love emerge from there.