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One Size Fits All

Here’s a brief article to make an important distinction that will help you better understand, and serve, others: Although many will say the opposite, when it comes to the human mind and body—one size, in fact, does fit all.

Oh, I know it doesn’t look that way. It appears, for example, that no two golfers swing the club the same way, just like it appears that one person’s psychological issues are different from another’s. But what we’re actually seeing are effects, byproducts, or symptoms of the same inner phenomenon playing out differently for each of us. In other words, kinetically our bodies all work the same, and spiritually our minds all work the same. We just seem separate because, outwardly, no two people share the identical physical characteristics or life circumstances.

So why is this distinction important to consider? Well, if you’re a helper (and we all are) and you address personal symptoms—i.e., part of a golfer’s swing that seems out of whack, or a suffering person’s past that seems troubling—you’re not addressing the root. For golfers, the root is how, universally, the human body moves and generates power. When the swing goes astray, golfers simply lose touch with the fundamental principles of movement. For all of us when we suffer, the root is that we’re seeking answers (causes of and cures for our feelings) outside—such as in the past. A suffering person has simply lost touch with the fundamental principle that feelings can only be fashioned internally.

Yes, one size does fit all. The human body moves one way. The human mind works one way. Don’t be blinded by, or cater to, the physical facade of separateness and try to help others by digging into what’s personal. Rather, resolutely point inward to what’s true across the board for everyone—to “oneness.” Salvation is found there.