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Living Up to Potential—Consistently

When it comes to the behaviors, strategies, or practices that will help you consistently perform to the best of your ability, here’s a brief reminder:

There are none.

In fact, as a result of my work with some of the most consistent athletes, teams, and organizations around the world, I’m often asked:

“Hey, Garret, how do I consistently live up to my God-given potential?”

Well, again, there is no “how” or action you can take. However, within you (and every person alive), there does rest an innate understanding which—once uncovered—will prove remarkably beneficial. That’s why in our work together, my clients and I continually look in this direction:

Contradictions of the soul are normal. And because they’re normal, it makes little sense to fight or attempt to control these contradictions.

In other words: Those who understand that states of mind are meant to meander, from positive to negative and back again, rarely attempt to fix something (the soul, spirit, or mind) that isn’t broken and can’t be broken. Sure, the human experience is a wild ride of inner change and flow. But that doesn’t mean that your life, on the outside, is required to follow suit.

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