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Knowing Is Always Enough

This week, a brief reminder:

When, week after week, I suggest that experience is created from the inside-out, I’m not suggesting that you have the ability to deliberately create, change, or even embrace your experience. I’m also not suggesting that you’re in control of, or have the power to control, your experience or the thinking and state of mind that spawns it.


Your power is never in trying to control, cope, let go, stay present, embrace, or in any action step or behavior. Your power rests solely in the KNOWING. Knowing that experience is created from within, and that nothing external can cause you to feel a certain way, is the one glimpse of truth that activates resilience. And excellence. And perseverance. And presence. And love.

Now, many so-called “high achievers,” or experts, will take this knowing and then strategize around it. They’ll offer their personal take on truth; their opinion of how it played out for them. They’ll propose how-to methods, theories, tools, and techniques. You’ll probably be tempted. You might say, “If these behaviors worked for him, I bet they’ll work for me.”

Not so fast. They won’t work for you, and the high achiever only thinks they worked for him. Behavior’s merely an effect of knowing; behavior’s never a cause.

It’s a fait accompli: At times, it will feel otherwise, but KNOWING is always enough. All productive actions effortlessly, and instinctively, flow from there.

Thank you for reading,