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Free Will?

Man, did last week’s article ( create a stir—at least in my inbox. You guys either loved the direction I pointed or thought it was crazy. To be specific on the crazy, most disagreement revolved around the question of free will. One of you said: “You can’t tell me that human beings don’t have the free will to make choices for themselves, that’s just foolish!”

So, to clarify, here’s how it looks to me—and this realization has proven both liberating and valuable for those with whom I work: There is no actual separation between free will and God’s will. You don’t make some choices while God (the universal intelligence I mentioned last week) makes others. They merely appear separate because certain choices, such as the decision of whether or not to go to the gym, often involve some intellectual wrangling, while others, such as the decision to snag a ball out of thin air, occur instantaneously.

In other words, a universal intelligence doesn’t rest above you; it rests within you. And the deeper you grasp this spiritual principle, the less time you’ll spend intellectually grinding over choices and the more instinctive and energetic you’ll feel. In fact, experience tells me that those who think they’re separate from God, think they live under the personal obligation of choice, or think they’re in control (of anything) are among the most stressed out souls alive.

The bottom line is that free will has little to do with choice. It’s simply a concept derived from the truth that you, or your will, are free from the influence of others (the outside) and only guided by God (the inside). Besides, trying to make choices is both impossible and mind bending. That’s why, if you want to be at your best, serve others, or thrive, understanding that a spiritual guide rests within is always better than attempting to manually grab the wheel.