Garret Kramer’s consulting protocol revolves around the innate principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought; and the inside-out foundation of the human experience. Unlike the majority of mental-conditioning coaches or sports psychologists, Garret does not provide tools, techniques, or strategies to his clients. Instead, he teaches how the human mind operates. It is this understanding that allows answers to become obvious and performance levels to improve naturally, with ease.

Garret Kramer works with individual clients in three ways:

  1. In person, either at the offices of Inner Sports or at a location convenient for the client.
  2. Via Skype.
  3. Over the phone.

Regardless of location, meetings are conducted over two or three consecutive days. Half-day, single-day, and hourly sessions are available upon request. Garret is also available to a limited number of proffesional clients on a yearly-retainer or percentage-of-winnings basis.