The Separate Self’s Endless Ride

This week, let’s take last week’s article,, a bit further. As discussed, in order to know the world, or to recognize itself in the world, Consciousness, the infinite, must veil itself and create images of limitation: Us. That is, Consciousness veils itself with its own creativity. It seems to ignore—become ignorant to—it’s infiniteness and, as… Read More

A World of Hurt, an Intuitive Calling

Why is it so? Why do we live in a world of pain, of suffering, of hurt? Why would Consciousness, Love, or God’s infinite Being allow atrocities to occur? Indeed, this question has plagued theologists since, well, forever. And before I take a crack at answering this question myself, here’s a warning: Some of you… Read More

The Big Insight

Are you waiting on insight? The BIG insight? Well, regardless of some claims to the contrary, that seminal moment, the moment when your life’s going to change in one fell swoop, isn’t going to come. Why? Because insight—the recognition that you’re not a personal or separate entity, that who you are (who we are) is… Read More

It’s Never the Thing

It’s never the lover. It’s never the painting. It’s never the forest. It’s never the practice. It’s never the sport. It’s never the hobby. It’s never the teacher. It’s never the thing. We cherish the moments. We feel love. We sense beauty, passion, or purpose. Yet, did you know that these sensations are not the… Read More

The Starting Point

We’ll never save the environment through science. We’ll never prove a point through research. We’ll never change a mind through facts. We’ll never mend division through diversity training We’ll never solve a problem through logic. We’ll never help humanity through, well, anything. Why? Nothing exists outside of Consciousness. Everything is made of Consciousness. Nothing can… Read More

When Love is True

When Love is true, there’ll be one way to know. It won’t be practical. It’ll have nothing to do with interests, backgrounds, possessions, or even a so-called normal life. In fact, Love will completely displace the objective world. Without rhyme or reason, Love will vanquish separation and obliterate ego. Outside of space and time, all… Read More

How We Know

Do your thoughts churn outward? Do they travel to objects, others, or moments? Do they lead to resistance, separation, and suffering? Or Do they do an about-face and return inward to source? To the Here and the Now? To Love, Consciousness, or God? That’s how you’ll know. You’ll feel it. Sense it. Either way, the… Read More

The Three Stages of Awakening

This week, let’s take last week’s article,, one step further. To wake up to your true nature (as revealed last week), here, as I see it, are the three necessary stages: Stage 1: Recognizing who or what you are not. Stage 2: Recognizing who or what you are. Stage 3: Living it. Now, for… Read More

The Requirement

There’s but one requirement. In order to serve, help, or support your fellow human beings; in order to teach, coach, parent, or lead; there’s merely one thing that you’re required to know. It’s not at all complicated. It doesn’t take practice or years of study. Actually, right now, the requirement is closer to you than… Read More

Has It Happened to You?

It may not have happened yet, but it will. At some point in your life, you’ll question whether happiness can be found in objective experience. That is, can the acquisition of trophies, titles, money, relationships, or any object actually bring you the happiness or fulfillment you seek? Not only that, but at some point in… Read More