Twelve Inside-Out Myths for You to Consider

As you guys know, on this blog practically every week, I write about the Inside-Out understanding or paradigm. As a change of pace this week, let’s dispel a few common myths (as I see them) that hover around this understanding. Sound okay? Hold on to your hat—here goes: Myth #1: You’re feelings aren’t caused by your… Read More

An Innocent Trick of the Mind

How often do you fall for this innocent trick of the mind: You attribute what you’re feeling on the inside to what just happened in your life on the outside? We all do it. In fact, this process happens so fast that, almost always, we overlook that feelings actually come FIRST—and then we pin them… Read More

Winning the U.S. Open in the Battlefield of the Mind—How Far We’ve Come

On June 8, 1986, Bob Rotella, a pioneer in the field of sport psychology, wrote an insightful New York Times article titled: “Winning the U.S. Open in the Battlefield of the Mind.” Although I was quite young when I read it, the article captivated me (the original clipping still remains in a scrapbook that resides… Read More

About Stress

In this short piece, let’s consider a few things that you may have overlooked regarding stress. Cool? Okay, here goes: Do you ever feel stressed? Right. You do. I do. Everyone does. But how about these questions: Do you know that stress has nothing to do with the circumstances of your life? Do you know… Read More

Prove It

At least once a day, a critic or skeptic will reach out to me and holler something along these lines: “Prove it, Garret.” “Where’s the data affirming that mental practices or coping strategies don’t cause feeling states to improve?” Do 100 percent of people who implement a mental practice or strategy feel better? “Where’s the… Read More

The “Dizzying” Effect of Understanding

One morning, not long ago, I awoke, sat up in bed as I normally do, and out of nowhere the room started to spin. I laid back down, sat up once more, and it got worse. Not since the hard hits of my hockey career had I felt this way. Actually, it was twice as… Read More

My Shortest, But Perhaps Most Important, Post Ever

Imagine your seven-year-old daughter comes to you with tears in her eyes: “Daddy, Daddy, I’m in such a bad mood, and I don’t know what do to. It’s terrible.” And rather than reply: “Let’s see, sweetheart, what can we do about that? Hmm, I’ve got it. Ice cream cones always made me happy when I… Read More

Stuck in Prejudice, Stuck in Misunderstanding

About two months back, between periods of the hockey game I was watching, I changed the channel and stumbled upon the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Singer, songwriter, and peace activist, Joan Baez, had just been inducted and was addressing the audience. I’m paraphrasing, but she offered these solemn words, “It saddens… Read More

A New Venture

Dear Friends, I’m enthused to tell you about a new undertaking; a departure from my normal course of business. In 2018, I’m going to offer and conduct my first-ever, year-long program for coaches: Team Inside-Out. To be clear, Team IO is not a certification program. There will be no diploma or graduation upon completion. This… Read More

Trying to Separate Yourself from Negative People? Read This

I’m sure you’ve heard a version of this familiar mantra or strategy: “To soar with the eagles, don’t hang out with the turkeys.” Well, for your benefit and the benefit of others, in this post, I’m going to ask you to seriously reconsider following it. Here’s why: Deliberately separating yourself from another person because he… Read More