The Solution

The solution is simple. Yet, due to centuries of programming, it’s so far away. The solution is effortless. Yet, because of trying so hard to find it, it’s so far away. The solution is different; might seem strange, weird, or “out there.” Yet, since it takes courage to break away from the pack and go… Read More

Asking the Universe

Have you ever noticed that personal desires aren’t fulfilled? Seriously. Have you ever asked the universe, or prayed, for something to occur for your own benefit? A personal goal to be reached, a personal want to be satisfied, a personal problem to be solved? Didn’t work out so well—I know. Trouble is, we often take… Read More

What the “Mental Game” Requires

Here’s what the mental game doesn’t require: A.  Personal responsibility B.  Effort C.  Searching D.  Memorize E.  Practice F.  Repetition G.  Strategy H.  Mindfulness I.   Coping Here’s what the mental game does require: A.  Nothing Fact is, the only way to reinforce the plethora of so-called psychological issues that give rise to the need for… Read More

Where Leaders Go Wrong

As everyone can relate, the human experience vacillates between looking inside and looking outside; between harmony and discord; between clarity and clutter; between positivity and judgment; between confidence and insecurity; between yin and yang. And, as we’ve discussed the last few weeks, this vacillation can also be described as moving from the true Self (the… Read More

An Upcoming Special Event

Friends, Here’s a rare Friday post to ask a question: Would you like to pick the brains of three people who have a ton of experience teaching the inside-out understanding? I’ve been working on something very special with my dear friends and colleagues, Michael Neill and Jamie Smart. Each of us is an author, international… Read More

The Separate Self, the True Self, and the Art of Concession

Here’s a question, for you, regarding my last few articles: Why would I write about the nonexistence of personal control or choice and, at the same time, suggest that those who stop trying to control tend to make better life choices? As several of you have argued: “You’re contradicting yourself, Garret. You’re saying we don’t… Read More

A Power You Don’t Possess

Here’s a super-quick post to help clear up some confusion. It seems to me, at this stage of the game, that most of you who read my weekly articles understand that you don’t possess the power to control what thoughts pop into your head. That’s wonderful. However, many of you feel that you (or some… Read More

Removing Burden

On the heels of last week’s article,, and the multitude of questions that ensued, here’s more on why most of us habitually try to take on the burden of personal responsibility, and why it’s never, ever, in our best interest. To me, it’s fascinating. From being written in scripture to being uttered by virtually… Read More

Why the Theory of Personal Responsibility Is Irresponsible

I’m about to make a claim that many of you will take umbrage with. How do I know? Because I’ve made this claim to every person, group, or audience I’ve ever stood before, and that’s precisely what’s happened (at first). In spite of that fact, here goes: There’s no such thing as personal responsibility. In… Read More

A New Year’s Message for Millennials

Two weeks ago, at the end of a presentation, I was asked this question: “What would your advice be for today’s younger generation?” Practically word for word, here was my answer. I hope you find it helpful. “Be encouraged by those who implore you to speak up and take a resolute stand on injustice. The… Read More