Why Understanding the Phenomenon of “Separate Realities” is a Necessity

I’m sure you’re familiar with this common mantra: “Every human being lives in his or her own separate reality.” Perhaps you even appreciate the value in knowing that no two people can share the same perspective on an event, circumstance, environment, or the world. But have you considered what’s at the crux of the phenomenon… Read More

The Foundation of Outstanding Leadership

It’s been an interesting ten days here in the US. I’ll leave it at that. What I will address, however, are the multitude of opinions on the subject of whether or not, under the leadership of the current president, the US is becoming increasingly divided. Or more to the point: Why is it that some… Read More

A Rare, But Important, Friday Post: Breaking the Cycle of Bigotry; Breaking the Cycle of Blame

Friends, If the direction I point below strikes a chord in one of you, then it was worth sending out this rare Friday post. Thank you for reading it. Here goes: There’s nothing more despicable in this world than bigotry. Yet, at the moment, we’re falling into the same trap that’s held bigotry in place… Read More

Living Up to Potential—Consistently

When it comes to the behaviors, strategies, or practices that will help you consistently perform to the best of your ability, here’s a brief reminder: There are none. In fact, as a result of my work with some of the most consistent athletes, teams, and organizations around the world, I’m often asked: “Hey, Garret, how… Read More

Unanswered Questions

Here’s an interesting dialogue that reveals the power of universal wisdom, and the mind’s innate ability to clear and tap into it, versus the unhelpful nature of digging into what’s personal. — Last week, my colleague, Grayson Hart, asked me the following question: “Why does one particular old conditioned thought (about so and so) often… Read More

Knowing Is Always Enough

This week, a brief reminder: When, week after week, I suggest that experience is created from the inside-out, I’m not suggesting that you have the ability to deliberately create, change, or even embrace your experience. I’m also not suggesting that you’re in control of, or have the power to control, your experience or the thinking… Read More

Retweets, Likes, Followers—and Sharing the Inside-Out Truth

If, like me, you’re committed to sharing the inside-out Truth with a doubting world, here’s a post that will hopefully spark some perspective—and maybe a bit of fortitude as well. — Back when I wrote Stillpower, my second publisher (Simon and Schuster) hired a PR team responsible for my social media following. As a result, the… Read More

The Confidence Trap

While watching Golf Channel’s coverage of the Scottish Open during my hour in the gym on Friday morning, I heard the word CONFIDENCE mentioned thirty-four times by commentators (that’s right, after hearing it repeatedly when I first tuned in, I actually decided to count). Over and over again, the importance of feeling confident was stressed:… Read More

One Size Fits All

Here’s a brief article to make an important distinction that will help you better understand, and serve, others: Although many will say the opposite, when it comes to the human mind and body—one size, in fact, does fit all. Oh, I know it doesn’t look that way. It appears, for example, that no two golfers… Read More

Twelve Inside-Out Myths for You to Consider

As you guys know, on this blog practically every week, I write about the Inside-Out understanding or paradigm. As a change of pace this week, let’s dispel a few common myths (as I see them) that hover around this understanding. Sound okay? Hold on to your hat—here goes: Myth #1: You’re feelings aren’t caused by your… Read More