The Pitfalls of “Issue-Based” Coaching or Counseling

While, in my mind, it’s unfortunate, “issues-based” coaching (e.g., addiction specialists, marriage specialists, weight-loss specialists, or I-can-help-your-mental-game-in-golf specialists) seems to be the norm today. Trouble is, trying to help another person, or yourself, overcome a specific life issue by focusing on that issue drastically reduces the odds for development, insight, and achievement. We’ll get to… Read More

The Strangest, and Most Wonderful, Feeling in the World

Here’s a quick review of a conversation I had last week with a player I’ve been working with for about two years. It reveals the power of waking up to the fact that the human experience is, by nature, one of yin and yang; light and dark; positive and negative; spiritual and physical. A moment-to-moment… Read More

The Irrelevance of Mindset

Here, to me, is one of the most confounding misconceptions springing from the worlds of self-help and psychology: The advice that people should wait for their heads to clear, or do something to try to make their heads clear, before they take action. Indeed, this misconception seems to paralyze more and more folks each day.… Read More

Nordstrom Culture

Last week, I had dinner with my friend, colleague, and mentor, Keith Blevens. Among the topics we covered was a team I’m working with whose coaches decided to eliminate prescribed goals, codes of conduct, or expectations of any kind. I mentioned that the behavior of the players on the team, both on and off the… Read More

My Dilemma and Yours

This week, I write to my students, clients, and colleagues. If that’s not you, read on anyway. A takeaway or two is waiting. G — I admit it. At times, I blame my upsets on those experts in the fields of self-help, mental coaching, and psychology who propagate this dual misunderstanding (the outside-in misunderstanding): Something… Read More

Free Will?

Man, did last week’s article ( create a stir—at least in my inbox. You guys either loved the direction I pointed or thought it was crazy. To be specific on the crazy, most disagreement revolved around the question of free will. One of you said: “You can’t tell me that human beings don’t have the… Read More

The Heart of Choice

Note: Consider the direction this article points and, whether you agree or not, see what implications occur to you. As always, feel free to reach out with comments, insights, or questions. G — Simply peruse your favorite social-media sites and you’re likely to come across some version of the following statement: Happiness, confidence, and a… Read More

Data Versus Truth

There I was, on stage at the PGA show last week with several other mental-performance coaches and authors, and one of them (a well-known psychologist) tells the audience that my contention that the human experience is created from inside to out is preposterous. Not only that, he claims that “the research” undoubtedly proves that circumstances… Read More

How Do I Know?

Every day, no exception, a reader, client, member of an audience, social-media friend, or critic will ask me some version of the following question: How do you know, for sure, that the causes of our feelings are not found outside (in circumstance), and the cures for our feelings are not found outside (in coping strategies,… Read More

The Foundation

In my many years as coach or consultant, I’ve come across just about every psychological, motivational, or educational system on the market. Intellectual ones, zen ones; some born from research, some from life experience; some from trained experts, some from random dudes on social media. All of them well-meaning, most carefully considered, and some really… Read More