The Case Against Oneness 

The other day, a reader asked me the following question: “Why, Garret, did the early spiritual teachers call the study of true nature Non-duality as opposed to Oneness?” Cool question. And it turns out there’s a fairly obvious reason, and one that’s not so obvious. Both reasons are informative and important to consider. Let’s start… Read More

Father, Son, and Everyone

As a young man, I marveled that throughout the seemingly thousands of times my father criticized me, he always appeared to be talking about himself. For a good part of my life, I also wondered why. Now I know: The world we see is a reflection of the limitations inherent in us. But this is… Read More

Free Will and Sydney Banks

Note: Sydney Banks, for those of you who don’t know, is the teacher whose early work inspired much of my teaching, including what you read here each week. The post that follows stems from some confusion around Syd’s work regarding free will, and how I see this important concept. I hope you find it helpful.… Read More

Where Thoughts Appear

This week, let’s begin with perhaps an unusual question: Where, or within what, do your thoughts—and while we’re at it, your sensations and perceptions—appear? If you say within the physical or personal you (your mind, gut, or simply your body), fair enough, but how do you know this to be true? Have you ever found… Read More

Don’t Chase

Ever notice that so-called good things—Love, Peace, Happiness—tend to come to you or fall into your lap, while the chase for them tends to leave you barren, frustrated, and exhausted? There’s good reason for this. In fact, many years ago, when I was an ice hockey forward (whose role was to score), my father used to leave… Read More

If Only We Knew

If you knew that no object—no person, creature, thing, situation, or environment—existed separate from your Self, or as an independent entity, what would be different? Or being that you’ve never experienced anything outside of your Self (or Consciousness), being that no one ever has, what implications does this fact have for you and the apparent… Read More

The Separate Self’s Endless Ride

This week, let’s take last week’s article,, a bit further. As discussed, in order to know the world, or to recognize itself in the world, Consciousness, the infinite, must veil itself and create images of limitation: Us. That is, Consciousness veils itself with its own creativity. It seems to ignore—become ignorant to—it’s infiniteness and, as… Read More

A World of Hurt, an Intuitive Calling

Why is it so? Why do we live in a world of pain, of suffering, of hurt? Why would Consciousness, Love, or God’s infinite Being allow atrocities to occur? Indeed, this question has plagued theologists since, well, forever. And before I take a crack at answering this question myself, here’s a warning: Some of you… Read More

The Big Insight

Are you waiting on insight? The BIG insight? Well, regardless of some claims to the contrary, that seminal moment, the moment when your life’s going to change in one fell swoop, isn’t going to come. Why? Because insight—the recognition that you’re not a personal or separate entity, that who you are (who we are) is… Read More

It’s Never the Thing

It’s never the lover. It’s never the painting. It’s never the forest. It’s never the practice. It’s never the sport. It’s never the hobby. It’s never the teacher. It’s never the thing. We cherish the moments. We feel love. We sense beauty, passion, or purpose. Yet, did you know that these sensations are not the… Read More