Decisions: Made by a Higher Power or You?

Here’s a video about the much talked about topic of how productive decisions or choices occur to us. Take note of how at times throughout the video, I struggle to choose my words and then, out of nowhere, the words occur to me. This ebb and flow is at the heart of a perspective on… Read More

Truth (Inside-Out) Versus Illusion (Outside-In)

In this video, I talk about the illusion of duality (that we work both inside-out and outside-in), how this illusion serves as the sole source of negative feelings, and why understanding (not controlling) is the key to peace of mind and productivity. I hope you find this “direction” as meaningful and moving as I do.… Read More

The Disconnect

In this video, I talk about the fundamental disconnect that exists today between the experience of performers when at their best and the standard methods of those experts (psychologists, mental coaches, motivational gurus) who are trying to help them. Questions or comments? You know where to find me. Garret

Pointing Toward Truth

In this video, I stress the importance of pointing toward what’s true for us all, and allowing life to fall into place from there. As always, feel free to reach out and let me know if it resonates with you. Garret

Here’s What to do (or Not) With Thoughts You Don’t Like

In this week’s video, I reveal why certain thoughts tend to get stuck in our heads and what we need to know to allow them to flow. Please keep the questions and insights coming! Garret

The Essential Difference Between Correlation and Cause and Effect

This week’s video reveals the difference between correlation and cause and effect. And, when it comes to psychology or mental coaching, why understanding this difference is so important. I hope you find it valuable. Garret

The True Cause of Positivity, and Negativity

As we keep the videos rolling, here’s a new one about the positive compounds of clarity of mind, the negative compounds of mental clutter, and what causes them. Thank you for all your questions and insights. Keep them rolling, too. Garret  

The Thought-Feeling Connection Explained

Here’s a new video about the importance of understanding that feelings are solely connected to thought—and not to circumstance. Questions or comments? As always, reach out anytime. Garret

Understanding the Roller-Coaster Nature of Thought

In this short video, I discuss why understanding how our thinking works, and not trying to fix it, is the key to peace of mind and productivity. Any questions, as always, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching, Garret

Fourteen Countercultural Ideas for You and Your Team to Consider

If, like me, you follow the work of coaches, mental experts, and motivational speakers, you’ve probably noticed that the same concepts are stressed over and over again: positive thinking, hard work, culture, servant leadership, goal setting, growth mindset, communication, focus, self-belief, etc. The question is: Are the majority of athletes and teams benefiting on and… Read More