The Three Stages of Awakening

This week, let’s take last week’s article,, one step further. To wake up to your true nature (as revealed last week), here, as I see it, are the three necessary stages: Stage 1: Recognizing who or what you are not. Stage 2: Recognizing who or what you are. Stage 3: Living it. Now, for… Read More

The Requirement

There’s but one requirement. In order to serve, help, or support your fellow human beings; in order to teach, coach, parent, or lead; there’s merely one thing that you’re required to know. It’s not at all complicated. It doesn’t take practice or years of study. Actually, right now, the requirement is closer to you than… Read More

Has It Happened to You?

It may not have happened yet, but it will. At some point in your life, you’ll question whether happiness can be found in objective experience. That is, can the acquisition of trophies, titles, money, relationships, or any object actually bring you the happiness or fulfillment you seek? Not only that, but at some point in… Read More

In the Hands of Consciousness

Here’s a short and simple post—regarding cause and effect—that, hopefully, will serve as a comforting reminder. I was speaking to my colleague, Joel Drazner, the other day and somehow our conversation turned to the topic of sleep. Indeed, in my line of work this topic comes up often since performers can’t escape today’s glut of… Read More

The Pitfalls of a Thought-Driven, or Cognitive, Approach—and the Only Alternative

What follows is a dialogue between me and Mary, a teacher/coach/change worker who was in the audience of my most recent talk. It reveals the danger in pointing toward one’s thinking as a path to improved feelings and behavior. Plus, it reveals the single alternative that initiates ethical and productive behavior. I hope, like Mary… Read More

Why Is There Suffering?

Why is there self-centeredness? Because thought thinks it. Why is there inequality? Because thought thinks it. Why is there judgment? Because thought thinks it. Why is there fear? Because thought thinks it. Why is there insecurity? Because thought thinks it. Apart from thought, self-centeredness, inequality, judgment, fear, and insecurity do not exist. Thus, the answer… Read More

True Resilience

Where does resilience (or to some, grit or durability) truly come from? Is it learned? Is it practiced? Is it controlled? Is it worked at? No to all. In fact, all you have to do is consider the resilience of young children to appreciate that resilience doesn’t spring from any of those things. So, then,… Read More

Acting in Harmony, Absent of Responsibility

No doubt, a significant aspect of my work is to remind clients, teams, organizations, or audiences that no one is personally responsible—for anything. More precisely, it’s to remind them that: A. There’s no such thing as personal responsibility.  B. The more they come to grips with this fact, the more harmonious, dependable, and productive their… Read More

Insecurity and Attachment

Practically always, new clients, players, or coaches with whom I’m working, will talk about the “dreaded habit of insecurity.” They’ll claim to be insecure about this situation or that. They’ll seek to end this apparently detrimental experience. Plus, they’ll assume that part of my role is to help them cope their way out of it.… Read More

Further Away

As I often say to those who visit my New Jersey office, “If following our time together, the only outcome is that it no longer makes sense to employ mental tools, techniques, strategies, or practices for the purpose of finding the true Self (awareness, consciousness, or meditation)—then it’ll be well worth your trip.” But why?… Read More