Stay With Me

In a self-help world of experts, methods, and techniques, here’s a brief reminder: Pushing discomfort, anxiety, or fear away; trying to be more upbeat or positive; coping or managing thoughts and feelings—serves but one purpose. It reinforces the culturally conditioned belief that certain thoughts and feelings are unbearable. In other words, when you attempt to distract… Read More

Hooked on a Feeling

In many self-help and spiritual circles, including this community, the advice, “Look for and find a good feeling” is common. And for obvious reasons. What person doesn’t covet a so-called “good” or “beautiful” feeling? One of relief, satisfaction, or comfort. And while the objective search for a good feeling is logical, when it comes to… Read More

In ‘19, Perhaps It’s Worth a Look

About five years back, a player/client asked me: “G, how exactly do I experience my thinking as you say I do? Can you explain how that works in the body and mind?” My answer: I didn’t have one. The question had me pause. While I had been taught and believed it to be true, I… Read More

I Am the One Who. . .

“I am the one who chooses.” “I am the one who forgives.” “I am the one who’s grateful.” “I am the one who accepts.” “I am the one who suffers.” “I am the one who thinks.” “I am the one who feels.” “I am the one who’s resilient.” “I am the one who loves.” “I… Read More

Thoughts, Principles, and Other Objects

If you’re reading this post, odds are that you have a strong sense that digging into the past, the future, personal situations, relationships, possessions, environments, rituals, or techniques—the objective world—is a step away from Source. A step away from the true Self. A step away from answers. A step away from peace, happiness, and love.… Read More

A Matter of Harmony

As you may know, the umbrella term we use for the so-called “physical substance” that is separate from mind is matter. Matter, supposedly, is what all things are made of. In fact, the belief that “I’m made of matter, and other people, objects, and animals are also made of matter,” is what’s used to explain… Read More

The Benefit of Insecurity

This week, a super-short post about our culture’s addiction to coping with insecurity. Here goes: While you’ve been conditioned to believe that insecurity is bad and confidence is good, when you try to rid yourself of insecurity, what you’re actually doing is fighting the most valuable intuitive sign. Insecurity means that you’re looking outward for… Read More

Who Knows?

Toward the end of a recent event, I was asked this pertinent question: “If there’s one message to take from today, Garret, what would it be?” My answer: “To understand that your body-mind doesn’t know, it is known. To realize that you don’t have experiences, you are experienced. To ask yourself, what part of the… Read More

A Master of Deceit

It’s essential to know that a so-called separate self or ego (a human being who deems himself or herself to be an actual separate entity and not an activity of Consciousness), will do anything to maintain its own “existence.” This includes one in a position of authority or expertise. It will claim, for example, that… Read More

The Journey Home

When it comes to true nature, here’s a common question (I was asked the following forms of this question in each of three presentations this past week): Why do we tend to overlook that we are infinite Consciousness itself rather than merely a reflection within infinite Consciousness? Why do we forget that we are a… Read More