From Chapter 4

Here’s another excerpt from chapter 4 of my upcoming book, The Path of No Resistance. The book is available for pre-order now,, and will  be in stores on October 14th. I Hope you enjoy this sneak peak. Garret – Why Free Will and Success Go Hand in Hand How do you suppose the late… Read More

So You Want to Be a Coach?

I’m often asked what it takes to start a career in the fields of life coaching, counseling, performance consulting, mental conditioning, and the like. Well, fact is: In spite of the many certification programs, coach-the-coach seminars, and online courses, which suggest that you can profit financially by becoming a coach, very few people actually make a… Read More

Why Analyzing Emotion Is Not in Your Best Interest

One question that often comes up in my work revolves around the subject of emotions: Is it okay to get mad, frustrated, anxious, sad, gleeful, excited, or even psyched up? The answer is: Not only is it okay, it’s totally normal. In fact, feeling emotion never gets us in hot water. We only find trouble… Read More

Seven Inside-out Traits of Great Leaders

There have been thousands of books and articles written about leadership. There’s also a plethora of companies today that teach leadership skills. In my experience, however, these resources are mostly someone’s ideas or theories about the specific behaviors that define great leaders. Yet, if you look closely, you’ll find that the behavior of inspiring leaders… Read More

The Necessity of Understanding

This past week in Washington, D.C., I met with three new clients; all professional golfers. While the discussions varied because the implications of what I teach were different for each of them, there was one similar question asked: “How does understanding that human beings possess a psychological immune system make me feel and perform better?”… Read More

Five Reasons Not to Cope

As you probably know, I often stress the necessity of not implementing coping strategies or mental techniques to improve one’s feeling state or performance level. Here are my five reasons why:   Coping strategies require thought. If you ask people to explain their feeling state while at their best, they’ll use words that describe a… Read More

Another excerpt. Afterword: Seven Inside-Out Keys to Overcoming

The following excerpt is found in the Afterword of my new book. The Path of No Resistance: Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think is coming this fall. Enjoy this sneak-peak into the book’s final pages, Garret – Together, we’ve covered the entire path of no resistance as I see it at this moment. But… Read More

The Garden

Here’s a question you might find revelatory: If you’re strolling through a garden and feel insecure, are your insecure feelings coming from the garden? If your answer is no, then why do you usually blame your feelings on your circumstances or environment? Instead, consider: You (like all people) are prone to errant feelings—even when you’re strolling… Read More

Contrary, yet Fundamental, Advice

Here’s some contrary, yet fundamental, advice worth considering: The next time you feel off (insecure, angry, anxious, depressed), do not analyze, cope, or try to fix the feeling—as the vast majority of self-help or mental-performance experts would have you do. Rather, with the feeling intact, stay in the game and get on with things. If… Read More

From Chapter 4 of My New Book

What follows is an excerpt from Chapter 4  (“Staying in the Game”) of  The Path of No Resistance. The book is due out on October 14th. As always, any questions or comments, reach out. Garret   In chapter 3, I said that Syd Banks once claimed that wisdom is everywhere. Here’s one of my favorite words… Read More