The Order of Things

Here’s an out-of-the-ordinary question: What comes first, a situation or a feeling? If you’re a hockey player, for instance, does scoring a goal lead to an elevated feeling state or does an elevated feeling state lead to scoring a goal? Although our feelings and perceptions of the world outside come and go so quickly that… Read More

Raw Emotion, Plain Truth

Here’s something fascinating that happens to many of my new clients: When they consider that their feelings are created from within them, and are not the result of something that’s going on in their lives, they say, “Inside-out feels so familiar; so right. Why have I never heard about this before?” Indeed, that’s what takes… Read More

In Control

Have you ever heard a coach, teacher, employer, or parent say: “Control the things you can control; don’t worry about what you can’t control”? I’ve heard it plenty, and it never felt quite right to me. Just the other day, a well-known productivity expert gave an example of this line of thinking. He said, “You… Read More

Welcome to the Human Race

During a workshop I led last week, the first question I asked was: “How many of you would say that your feelings, to a certain extent, come from your thinking?” Everyone’s hand went up. The second question I asked was: “How many of you would say that your feelings, to a certain extent, come from… Read More

Do You Believe in This?

Here’s what I believe in—and why this work is so important to me. How about you? I believe that a paradigm shift in the arenas of psychological well-being (and performance) is vital. I believe that psychological health rests within every person on this planet. I believe that there is a direct link between one’s thinking… Read More

The NFL Scandals: Time for State-of-Mind Policies

Last week’s article ( caused quite a stir among this e-mail list. Interestingly enough, your responses ranged from extremely complimentary to extremely critical. And while I appreciate both, in this article I want to focus on the critical. In particular, these questions posed: “How can you say that Ray Rice shouldn’t be punished?” And, “… Read More

How Ray Rice Looks to Me

Ray Rice did damage. His actions were completely unacceptable. But like Ray Rice, I’ve done damage. My behavior, a few times in my life, has been completely unacceptable. And the same goes for you and the many people who’ve jumped on the bandwagon of judgment. I know what you’re thinking: “That may be true, but… Read More

Highs and Lows

Where do they come from, our highs and lows? From our bank accounts, marital status, success or failures, the weather? Because sometimes it looks as if our moods come from circumstances such as these (and sometimes it doesn’t) this question has plagued human beings forever. So let’s see what we can do about ending the… Read More

Form, Function, and Injury

If you’re familiar with my articles, you know that they revolve around an inside-out understanding of how the human mind works: Innately, all of us are wired to feel the varying nature of our thinking (inside)—not the varying nature of our circumstances (outside). This week, however, I want to tackle a different topic: Why so… Read More

Five Keys to Activating Your Psychological Immune System

Most people don’t know it, but everyone owns a psychological immune system. Just like your physical immune system is designed to bring you back to health when ill, your psychological immune system will actually do the same at times of mental confusion or even depression. The trick, however, is to not interfere. That said, here… Read More