Coping Versus Carrying On

Last week, I found myself in a funk. You know the feeling: a case of gloom, doom, and the blahs. The exact sort of funk that occurred with regularity when I was in my mid-twenties. Thankfully, as I write this article, I’ve snapped out of it (self-corrected). So, let’s compare how I handled the cloud… Read More

Why the Mirror is the Wrong Place to Look

Early one Thursday afternoon last November, I left the office, rushed home to pick up my wife Liz, and headed to Baltimore to watch our daughter play a college field hockey game. That was until about twenty minutes into the trip when Liz realized that she had forgotten to feed our dogs. Unable to contact anyone… Read More

Back to Basics

Last year, I visited with the management of a struggling team. They showed me their “mental-game manual.” It consisted of forty-nine concepts which players could turn to. All forty-nine of them required the player to do something in order to find peace of mind, avoid slumps, or build resilience. That’s forty-nine external strategies, practices, tools,… Read More

Why Truth?

This past weekend, I read the following quote from a former college basketball coach: “Coaches: Free your athletes up. Think concepts rather than absolutes.” Whoa. I know this thinking is common, but the relationship between thought and performance actually works the opposite way. Nothing binds human beings up more than concepts. Nothing frees them up more than truths (absolutes). And… Read More

Diminishing Returns

This might surprise you, but when I meet a new player, coach, or business leader, I make sure that they’re not specifically hiring me to help them play better, coach better, or make more money. If they are, I simply tell them that I’m not their guy. In fact, there will always be diminishing returns… Read More

It’s Time for a New Direction

Consider the implications of this statement: All violent acts, harmful decisions, and unproductive behavior originate from this dual misunderstanding: What a person feels on the inside has something to do with circumstances on the outside. If a person feels bad, he or she can strategically address the circumstance or alter the environment believed to be the source… Read More

Love in the New Year

As the new year fast approaches, here’s a simple thank you: Thank you for opening your heart to the words I write each week. I feel humbled and fortunate to have stumbled upon the subject of these articles, the inside-out paradigm, many years ago. If this paradigm interests you, too, we share an unbreakable bond. Just considering the… Read More

The Necessity of Not Going Back in Time

Early this morning, I received a text from the coach of one of the teams I work with. One of his best players had performed poorly the night before (in the coach’s mind, the player lost focus), and he wanted my opinion on what he should say to the player before today’s practice. The text… Read More

The Blame Game

Virtually every day on social media, we see a quote about the detriments of playing the “blame game,” or blaming someone else for our own feelings of anger, insecurity, stress, or fear. They are wise and true, but they don’t address the real issue: Blaming someone else is not what’s detrimental. It’s blame, all by… Read More

A Simple Solution to a Climate of Violence

In light of the climate of violence that surrounds us, here’s an excerpt from chapter 3 (Your Intuitive Guide) of The Path of No Resistance. It speaks to why bullying (personal attacks, terrorism, war) exist. And one seventh-grade teacher’s simple solution. I hope you find it valuable. Garret — I once heard Syd Banks say… Read More