Experience, from the Inside-out

Here’s an interesting story about the inside-out nature of life. This weekend, I watched my son Ryan’s college baseball team play a double header. Ryan is a starting pitcher, so he pitched game one but didn’t play in game two. As for me, I enjoyed the experience of watching my son perform in game one,… Read More

Safe and Sound

Each week, I write about the absolute necessity of looking to your own inner wisdom and instincts—and not to anything external—in order to conquer whatever life throws your way. This week, let’s briefly talk about why. Why is it necessary that you don’t look outside to excuse or remedy your feelings? Why is it necessary… Read More

The Difference

Here’s a short post about the difference between a method (or a theory, strategy, or concept) and a truth. And why grasping this difference is so important. The “Atkin’s Diet” is a method. Taking a pitch in baseball when the count is 3-0 is a method. Trying to think positively when you feel down is… Read More

Truth or Consequences

Imagine knowing that something is true, but this truth is constantly questioned. If your name is Jill, for example, how would you feel if people kept calling you Jane? A little confused, I bet. Well, as strange as it may sound, every person is born knowing that, in truth, our feelings don’t come from the… Read More

Inside-Out 101

I have to admit it, sometimes I feel as if my articles do something I warn readers against: Complicate matters. So, this week, here’s the opposite. I’m going to write about the one thing that you and I need to understand to live a more peaceful, productive, genuine, and giving life. Ready? Here goes: Your… Read More

Got Answers?

Here’s something that’s become increasingly apparent to me in my work (and life) day after day: Answers cannot be found by fighting, searching, grinding, or employing willpower. Ever. Sadly, most of us haven’t yet caught onto this truth. In my work with athletes and coaches, for instance, the underlying theme seems to be: if you… Read More

Thoughts on Random Thoughts

Do you sometimes beat yourself up over the thoughts that occur to you? Do you try to change your thoughts? Have you seen a therapist, read self-help books, meditated, recited affirmations, exercised, or even tried drugs or alcohol—all to help you deal with your thoughts about certain circumstances? If you’re a parent, has a specialist… Read More

The NFL, the N-word, and Truth

We can learn a lot from the raucous debate in the NFL front office, and in sport’s media, over the currently proposed anti-slur rule. Or, more specifically, whether or not to penalize football players for the use of the “n–word” during games. Some insist that the word has no place on or off the field.… Read More

Why Great Players Don’t Make Great Coaches

Note: This week’s article may seem like it’s geared to athletic coaches, but its implications are widespread. Plus, if after reading the article you’re looking for a “how to” (i.e., how to get to clarity), let my words sit and come back to them later. If that doesn’t help, you know where to find me.… Read More

From Chapter 2 of The Path of No Resistance

Thank you for all the encouraging and constructive feedback as I continue to post excerpts from my upcoming book (fall 2014). What’s below is from the end of chapter 2: “A One-way System: Inside-Out.” Keep the comments coming! Garret   Stop Looking Outside—Twelve Real Reasons Why You Feel Low Amazing and sometimes uncanny possibilities begin… Read More