The Journey Home

When it comes to true nature, here’s a common question (I was asked the following forms of this question in each of three presentations this past week): Why do we tend to overlook that we are infinite Consciousness itself rather than merely a reflection within infinite Consciousness? Why do we forget that we are a… Read More

Think You Can Choose? Then Choose This

As most of you know, I’ve written extensively on the subject of free will versus the will of Consciousness or God’s will. And I sometimes speak about the illusory notion of personal responsibility or choice. In this post, however, I’m going to backtrack a bit and make a suggestion—a concession—from the perspective of the one… Read More

Your Experience and Mine

When you consider the nature of all things—who you are, what objects are made of, where suffering comes from, how to live or be your best—here are two essential inquiries: What is your experience telling you? And Where is your experience taking you? Not your parent’s experience. Not your teacher’s. Not your coach’s. Not your therapist’s. Not an expert’s.… Read More

The Fact of the Matter

A common definition of matter is: “A physical substance distinct from mind.” And, thus, here’s my first question for you today: Has anyone ever found a physical substance, or object, distinct from mind? Assuming your answer is no (I mean, you’ve never experienced an object separate from yourself, have you?), here’s my second question: Why… Read More

Intimacy’s Vital Ingredient

In this post, I’m going to talk about the most vital ingredient when it comes to the intimate bond with a life partner. Although, to be clear, the same ingredient is key to any bond—be it one between friends, parents and children, siblings, colleagues, teammates, even a bond with a pet, sport, hobby, music, art,… Read More

Spinning Our Wheels in Protest

Here’s a question sure to surprise, frustrate, perhaps anger, and challenge the belief system of many: When, in the history of human beings, has a protest paved the way for peace, love, or lasting transformation? I know it’s tempting. But please don’t list law changes, temporary feelings of relief, or your personal perceptions of justice.… Read More

An Upcoming Day-long Meeting

Hey everyone, I’m pleased to announce this day-long meeting happening at my New Jersey office. It’s a cool spot and town, perfect for an intimate group. Here’s the link to register: Any questions, please respond to this email. I’ll be back to you with my normal article on Tuesday. As always, thank you for your… Read More

Seeking Fixes

Problems. Do you suffer from them? Seek fixes for them? Everyone seems to. A billion-dollar industry—the self-help, motivation, coaching, or counselling industry—even exists to help us do just that. And how are we doing? With the evolution of this industry and its experts, are we more at peace? More loving? Less discriminatory? Is the environment… Read More

You Can’t Trust This

Today, in the self-help, coaching, or even New Age spirituality arenas, we often hear of the necessity of trust. “Team members must trust each other.” Or “Trust yourself.” But, be honest, you struggle with this type of advice, don’t you? Doesn’t trying to trust feel forced? Doesn’t it almost always lead to disappointment? You’re not… Read More

Inducing Independence

A few mornings ago, while out on my weekly walk in nature, I noticed something interesting yet heartbreaking. A woman was attempting to teach her young son independence. Her behavior was innocent, but I’ve seen this picture before: Little boy crying and his mother slowly backing away in a noble attempt to impart resilience, mental… Read More