Why It’s Unproductive to Try to Make Productive Choices

Here’s a brief, but important, video about the choices we make and how we make them. Hope you find it helpful. Garret

Why Our Thinking and Feelings Ebb and Flow

Since last week’s article, quite a few readers have reached out and asked about this paragraph: Within all of us, thought builds up, falls away, builds up, falls away, and so on. When it builds up, we feel bad—e.g., apprehensive and unworthy. When it falls away, we feel good. And, again, these feelings occur independent… Read More

The Jonah Complex

According to Wikipedia: “The Jonah Complex is the fear of success which prevents self-actualization or the realization of one’s potential. It’s the fear of one’s own greatness, the evasion of one’s destiny, or the avoidance of exercising one’s talent.” The name comes from the Biblical story of Prophet Jonah—and at all levels of sport, performance-based activities, or… Read More

In This Together

Whether you voted for Clinton or Trump: We’re in this together. Whether you’re feeling bad or good: We’re in this together. You see, no matter what happens on the outside, we all work the same way. When our thinking jams, we feel negative. When our thinking clears, we feel positive. This means that it’s actually… Read More

What It Means to “Look Within”

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “Look within for the answers you seek.” Sages have offered this advice since the beginning of time. But have you ever wondered what it actually means? Have you ever attempted to look within, but to no avail? Well, early in my adult life I did too. Whenever I found myself in… Read More

Instant Relief

Here are the details of an interesting encounter (between me and a complete stranger) that reveals the sometimes instantaneous effect of pointing a person inside for answers. Early last Thursday morning, I was in line for coffee at Starbucks and overheard the young couple next to me complaining vigorously about the presidential election. I mean,… Read More

From Adversity to Answers: The Rule of the Two A’s

Here’s a short video about the source of both adversity and answers. “The Rule of the Two A’s” has served as an essential reminder for me and my clients for years. Garret

Stuck to Unstuck: The Beauty of the Design

This week, here’s a reminder about the beauty and simplicity of how the human mind works. Looking in this direction tends to spark comfort in me. I hope the same for you. Garret   P.S. Click the following link for information about an upcoming two-day workshop (December 3rd and 4th) that I’ll be conducting in London with… Read More

Coping Through Versus Rising Above

Here’s a quick reminder of the folly in trying to cope through, or strategically fix, your feelings before, during, or after a performance or event. Questions or comments, rise above, then reach out to me! Garret

What We Can Actually Learn From Trump’s Comments About PTSD

This video provides my thoughts about the serious and sensitive topic/condition of PTSD, and what we can do to help the brave men and women who suffer. I rarely agree with the direction that Donald Trump points. But this time, he stumbled onto something worth talking about. Garret