The One and Only Source of Confidence

Here’s a brief video about a topic that’s almost always misunderstood. Searching for confidence? Hopefully, not for long. Garret

Guns, Insanity, and the Only Cure

I’ll let the title of this video speak for itself. Questions or comments about this poignant topic: you know where to find me. Garret

The Inside-Out Understanding in Action: A Demonstration

In this video, I demonstrate what happens when a person—here a golfer who feels anxious over a shot—doesn’t know that he works inside-out (he believes his feelings are the result of his environment). And what happens when a person does know that he works inside-out (he knows that his feelings are the result of his… Read More

Young Athletes (and Parents): Here’s the Only Thing You Need to Know To Master the “Mental Game”

The following is a rewrite of an article I wrote for an upcoming golf publication. I was asked by the editor for my quick take on the above subject line. Most of you have heard me talk about this before, but a brief reminder never hurt anyone. Including me. Garret  — In spite of the… Read More

Decisions: Made by a Higher Power or You?

Here’s a video about the much talked about topic of how productive decisions or choices occur to us. Take note of how at times throughout the video, I struggle to choose my words and then, out of nowhere, the words occur to me. This ebb and flow is at the heart of a perspective on… Read More

Truth (Inside-Out) Versus Illusion (Outside-In)

In this video, I talk about the illusion of duality (that we work both inside-out and outside-in), how this illusion serves as the sole source of negative feelings, and why understanding (not controlling) is the key to peace of mind and productivity. I hope you find this “direction” as meaningful and moving as I do.… Read More

The Disconnect

In this video, I talk about the fundamental disconnect that exists today between the experience of performers when at their best and the standard methods of those experts (psychologists, mental coaches, motivational gurus) who are trying to help them. Questions or comments? You know where to find me. Garret

Pointing Toward Truth

In this video, I stress the importance of pointing toward what’s true for us all, and allowing life to fall into place from there. As always, feel free to reach out and let me know if it resonates with you. Garret

Here’s What to do (or Not) With Thoughts You Don’t Like

In this week’s video, I reveal why certain thoughts tend to get stuck in our heads and what we need to know to allow them to flow. Please keep the questions and insights coming! Garret

The Essential Difference Between Correlation and Cause and Effect

This week’s video reveals the difference between correlation and cause and effect. And, when it comes to psychology or mental coaching, why understanding this difference is so important. I hope you find it valuable. Garret