A Short Break

Friends, This week, I’m writing to say that I’m going to take a short break from my weekly articles. With the second edition of The Path of No Resistance finally off to print, the time is right for me to put down the pen for a bit. However, I’m always at work here, so I encourage you… Read More

From Me to You

As a change of pace this week, I thought the following correspondence from me to a client and friend (an athlete with a keen grasp of the inside-out paradigm) might be of interest. I hope you find it helpful. Garret — Here’s something to consider today bud: Trying to fix, cope, or strategize in a… Read More

Experts: It’s Time to Wake Up

Consider the implications of this black-and-white statement: All violent acts, harmful decisions, and disastrous mistakes originate from this dual misunderstanding: What a person feels on the inside is coming from a circumstance on the outside. If a person feels bad, he or she can strategically address the circumstance or alter the environment believed to be… Read More

Theory Versus Truth

I received some out-of-the-ordinary responses to last week’s article, http://garretkramer.com/why-syd-banks-matters/. Some were complimentary; some quite critical. For example, a few readers told me that they searched for information about Sydney Banks and learned a thing or two about a super-wise human being. Others thought I took an unnecessary shot at Ted Talks. It’s the latter… Read More

Why Syd Banks Matters

For as long as anyone can remember, there have been experts in every field of endeavor. Today, these experts share information like wildfire. There are scores of forums and social networks available through which they promote their ideas and beliefs. Here’s my question, though: Is all this information helping? Has the world become a nicer… Read More

Return to the Source

For years, I’ve spoken out against the widespread tendency of addressing behavior as a path toward creating improved behavior, not to mention peace of mind and civility. Here are some current examples of this tendency: Signs on ball fields, courts, or rinks instructing parents to act a certain way. Punishing or trying to reform bullies… Read More

The Proof’s in the Pudding

Not long ago, I was speaking to a professional golfer about my belief that the use of a deliberate pre-shot routine is not helpful. He asked why. My response: “I’d rather you not get in the way of your instincts through the use of a prescribed strategy.” He replied, “That’s why I practice the routine,… Read More

The Implications of Understanding—for Performance and Beyond

Take a moment and consider the implications of this statement: If a person who doesn’t know that feelings can only generate from within gets insecure or angry, it will appear logical (to that person) to blame these feelings on the nearest circumstance or individual. — What implications occurred to you? Domestic violence? Road rage? Bullying?… Read More

The Why

Last week, I received a call from a college baseball player who dreams of becoming a US Marine following his graduation this spring. He called to chat about preparing for the upcoming season, school, and life in general. But there was also a troubling “issue” with his Marine application that he wanted to discuss: In… Read More

Listening and Learning

Here’s a statement which, at first glance, may seem contradictory: To deeply understand or learn something, it’s essential that you do not approach learning from a personal perspective. Why? Because no one can listen, I mean really listen, and be selfish at the same time; listening requires an open mind. The great teacher and mentor,… Read More