Attacking a Symptom

I’m going to talk about prejudice or bigotry because it’s a hot, and important, topic these days. However, this article could easily be about bullying, road rage, abuse, or war.  But first, l want to be sure that you and I agree on something: Treating symptoms does not get to the root cause of a… Read More

A Note to My Critics

Here’s a video for my critics. Not really. Actually, I’m using the judgments of my critics to make an important point about the nature my work. Let me know if the direction I’m pointing rings true for you. Garret

Why It’s Essential to Know that Your Feelings are Linked to Thought, Not Circumstance

Here’s a quick video about the creative process (how all of us create our feelings, perceptions, and experiences). And why understanding this process is so important. Have a great rest of the week. Garret  

In Response to your Comments, Another Look at “Culture”

It’s been an interesting week since I posted my video on the pitfalls of promoting a specific culture within your team, organization, or family. In all my years of sharing this work, I’ve experienced backlash, but never like this. Here, then, is one more try. Garret

Promoting a Team Culture? Here’s Why it’s a Big Mistake

I’m often asked for my take on the in-vogue practice of creating a specific culture within your team, organization, or family. So here it is. I look forward to your response to this video. Thanks for watching it. Garret  

A Second Look at Why Behavior Modification Doesn’t Work

I received many questions regarding this week’s article,, so here’s a video to help answer them. If you’re still uncertain about the direction I’m pointing, no problem, you know where to find me. Garret

Why Managing the Behavior of Others Doesn’t Work

It’s interesting. Lately, I’ve been speaking a lot about the necessity for coaches to not try to manage the behavior of their players (and the implications here are the same for teachers, counselors, therapists, and parents). As a result, I’ve heard many “Yea buts” in emails, messages, and conversations with coaches. Such as: “I get… Read More

If You Think You’re a Product of Your Daily Choices—Think Again

This week, I remind you that the choices a person makes are a byproduct, not a cause. And why grasping this often-misunderstood principle is so important. Thanks for watching, Garret

Why it’s Harmful to Mistake Psychological Effects for Causes

This week, let’s get to the heart of why trying to be confident, forcing yourself to work hard, attempting to make good choices, or “doing” positive isn’t working for you or those you mentor. Any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Garret

When it Comes to the Mind, How Data Often Confuses

Here’s a brief and impromptu video (sorry about the legs) that followed a chat with a client. Hope, like him, you find the perspective valuable. Garret