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An Innocent Trick of the Mind

How often do you fall for this innocent trick of the mind: You attribute what you’re feeling on the inside to what just happened in your life on the outside?

We all do it. In fact, this process happens so fast that, almost always, we overlook that feelings actually come FIRST—and then we pin them on a particular life event, person, or circumstance.

Consider, for example, the gloom that tends to coexist with rainy days. Sure, it appears that rainy days cause gloomy feelings. But take a closer look. Do you always feel gloomy when it rains? Of course, you don’t. Meaning, the weather doesn’t cause gloomy feelings. Your feeling state (inside) precedes the world that you see (outside).

You might now be wondering: “Okay, that makes sense; but since the world outside doesn’t cause my feelings, what does? Feelings, like gloom, just don’t crop up on their own.”

Indeed, they don’t.

What causes feelings is THOUGHT (an ever-present divine energy). Thought is responsible for your feeling state, and from there—based on the form thought takes in the moment—the world looks gloomy or bright; negative or hopeful; intimidating or friendly.

Lastly, as the title of this article suggests, when it comes to your thinking, feelings, and perceptions, you are always completely innocent. No one controls this trick of the mind. Therefore, it’s not wrong for it to appear that what happens on the outside determines what you feel on the inside. It’s not even wrong to blame your feelings on life events, people, or circumstances. However, your ace in the hole, your salvation, is knowing that no matter how much it looks like you work from out to in—you never, ever, do.

Reality is strictly a one-way process. Thought generates feeling, causing your view on life. You’re innately resilient because a trick of the mind is only problematic if you accept it as real.