A Rare, But Important, Friday Post: Breaking the Cycle of Bigotry; Breaking the Cycle of Blame


If the direction I point below strikes a chord in one of you, then it was worth sending out this rare Friday post.

Thank you for reading it. Here goes:

There’s nothing more despicable in this world than bigotry. Yet, at the moment, we’re falling into the same trap that’s held bigotry in place forever. Hating a hater adds a new hater. Protesting bigotry energizes bigotry. Prejudice against the prejudiced feeds the cycle of prejudice.

Rather, we must point to the root of bigotry. It’s not culture. It’s not biology. It’s not one’s past. It’s the widespread and age-old misunderstanding that one’s feelings are caused by something external.

When people wake up to the fact that feelings are only caused by the ebb and flow of energy within, it stops being logical to look outside and blame others.

And when people stop blaming others for the normal ebb and flow of their feelings, bigotry becomes impossible. So does premeditated violence. So does war. What then emerges is unity. What emerges is LOVE.

Yes, it is that simple.