I’m enthused to tell you about a new undertaking; a departure from my normal course of business. In 2018, I’m going to offer and conduct my first-ever, year-long program for coaches: Team Inside-Out.

To be clear, Team IO is not a certification program. There will be no diploma or graduation upon completion. This program is only for those truly committed to the profession, and purpose, of coaching.

Whether you’re an athletic coach, acting coach, music coach, mental-conditioning coach, psychologist, or life coach, this program may be right for you. In this program, we’re going to dive deep into the inside-out paradigm that has shaped my own coaching business, and my relationships with some of the world’s finest athletes, teams, and organizations for over twenty years.

What’s more, the cost of this year-long program (actually, as you’ll see below, it extends well over a year) is the exact same as a two-day, one-on-one workshop with me.

Program details:

  • Bi-monthly group video conferences. I’ll be teaching, and as a group we’ll all be sharing insights and reflections, every other week for one full year. Each conference will be recorded and archived for future access.
  • Two in-person one-day workshops (with time allocated for individual meetings with me): London and the New York City area.
  • Personal access to me in 2018, and follow-up access to me for all participants through 2019.
  • The possibility of working with me, or being referred to my clients without me, upon completion of program.
  • Cost of program: $9,600.00 USD (with a three-installment option).

I’m fully committed to helping those in the program not only realize the importance and power of understanding the inside-out paradigm for themselves, but also sharing my experiences in bringing this paradigm to the field of sports—which changed the face of mental performance in sports forever.

My hope is that participants, starting in their own sphere of influence, will continue to change the world’s current approach to coaching from an outside-in model to an inside-out one.

This program will kick off on January 4th, 2018. We’ve already begun fielding inquiries and conducting intake with those who have expressed interest. If Team IO interests you, please get in touch via the link below or by replying to this email. You’ll hear back from me or a member of Team IO shortly thereafter.

Here’s the link to the Team Inside-Out website: https://teamio.org/. We look forward to hearing from you. And to January of 2018!